Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GW2 Graphical settings - don't freak out

Hello, and welcome to my second installment of technical posts about GW2. Today I will talk (more like write) about GW2 graphical settings, to be specific, this video. Watch it now if you already haven't.

What should we concentrate on in this video and what is subject to change?
First off, the most important thing about betas: they are (usually) not optimized. What it means is that same hardware capable of running beta on medium settings around 30 FPS (frames per second) will be most likely able to run finished game on high setting on a same framerate. It also means that some hardware configurations will run beta much better then others, even much more powerful ones.
Second thing to remember is that ArenaNet specifically stated that highest textures (terrain, object and player) are not in the beta due to frequent changes, optimization and improvements made to those textures. Same may go for different shaders and filtres, which may or may not be all included in beta, but i'd bet they are not all in or not fully completed.
This all leads to third thing which is auto settings tool. This tool when used in a video set the graphical quality so absurdly low on such a powerful gaming computer it confirms what I say. The tool will rather set it lower to be sure the game will run smooth for press, even tho both the game and PC running it are capable of much more. (Please notice it even turned off anti-aliasing) That is of course because of lack of optimization.

On the other hand, what we CAN tell from the video even now is how seamless changing graphical configs is, the game loads new quality of textures, spell effects etc.almost instantly, without need to restart the game client. We can also tell how wide the variety of options will be, even tho some of them don't work yet, so we can't really tell how will they affect or gameplay (for example depth of view).

What I want to say is don't freak out people, what you have seen in one video about graphical settings is subject to change, also the game will run and look much better on your computer then on most press ones.

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